Team bonding that’s not a bore

Any workplace will tell you that it’s important to have a healthy atmosphere with everyone generally getting on and feeling good about what they do. That’s why team bonding in some form or other is so important.

Team bonding can sometimes end up being a bit tedious though, meaning the energy can be a bit lacklustre and enthusiasm low. You don’t have to go the traditional route of team building tasks in the boardroom though – in fact plenty of workplaces now take a more modern and upbeat approach to it. Find some inspiration for your workplace’s team bonding right here.

Especially in an office, it is easy to have a workforce with aching shoulders, necks and heads, so why not ameliorate the situation by organising a yoga teacher to come once or twice a month? Yoga is low intensity exercise that people of any fitness levels or age can participate in. And as an added bonus, it’s easy enough to do in the workplace. Simply clear the table in the boardroom, grab some yoga mats and enjoy the stretching and relaxation with your team.

Getting a bit more active in the fresh air isn’t a bad idea though. The great outdoors is so good for our mental health, so organising some activities outdoors is perfect. From scavenger hunts to activities like hiking and even snow sports, depending on the time, budget and size of your workforce, a few hours out of the office is always going to have a revitalising effect.

Another great tip to improve the general bond amongst your team, and therefore a positive workplace atmosphere is to invest in something like a pool table, tennis table or even dart board. Getting up and away from the computer at regular intervals is actually great for concentration and therefore productivity. And it’s one way for workers to interact and not just at the coffee machine!

With a little bit of thought and effort it is really easy to make team bonding entertaining, so why not give these tips a try.

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