Is Alexa a good idea for the workplace?

So many of us enjoy the convenience of Alexa in our homes, and it really does make the most of modern technology. With that in mind, more and more businesses are also taking advantage of the great services this piece of technology offers.

Although Alexa was primarily designed for the home, it is now featuring more and more handy systems for the business place, meaning you will definitely find it useful. If you’ve been considering investing in Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa for your business, find out a little about the benefits right here.

Choosing Alexa over other virtual assistants is a smart move since it is the market leader, as the first one of its kind to be released, it also tends to be the most trusted. And with its collaboration with Microsoft, which obviously most offices run on, it is so simple to connect all your various work devices.

Virtual voice assistants are in general really efficient, which can only be a bonus to any workplace. For example, it is possible to link your Alexa to an interactive whiteboard – a seriously handy feature for boardroom meetings and powwows.

It is also possible to use Alexa to start your web meetings in the most smooth and hassle-free way. You can bring up presentations too, meaning no awkward fumbling on your laptop, leading to a much more polished meeting.

Alexa is also great for all those little office things that keep the place ticking over. From ordering more coffee (the lifeblood of the office as any cubicle worker will tell you) to paper towels, it takes the pressure off of office admin.

And who can forget the music capabilities of Alexa, which is a great way to add an upbeat and proactive atmosphere to your workplace.

Alexa is a great addition to any workplace, and lets you create a smooth and stress-free office environment, so make the investment – you won’t regret it!

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