Face to Face Marketing

We live in the Age of the internet, but in this digital age, people crave for a personal touch. Personal communication is something which saw a decline since technology has risen to the point it is at now.

Marketing has changed, in fact revolutionised. Especially with the increase in social media. But face to face marketing should not be forgotten about

What Is Face to Face Marketing?

F2F marketing (sometimes called field marketing) consists of marketing or pitching directly to customers, face to face. Using personal communication to brand positive experiences encourages brand loyalty. There are many methods these sales agents employ to get to the consumer. Client meetings, sale and network events, product demos and events.

F2F marketing replaces a unified brand message with a more personal connection, because no number of tweets, statuses or pictures can replace making a consumer feel special, unique and important. This is where F2F shines, using charisma and personal touches to build brand visibility and trust.

Why Is it so Important?

In this digital age, it’s easy to think that advertising one message to the masses is the best way to go. But consumers are seeing through this approach more and more. Getting it right has so much reward, but getting it wrong can leave a brand picking up the pieces for years to come.

Hiring the right agency is important, picking one with experience in your industry, proven results and for even more results, an agency which shares your brand ethos. This can really help them push the brand values even further and create a lasting partnership which can drive growth. Acwyre are a great example of a Face2Face marketing agency.

Stand Out

This one on one approach can leave consumers with a great impression of your brand. This is especially important in today’s age when 100 other companies can offer the same products as you. Which leads to the next point.

Brand Experience

It is important that consumers feel a connection with your brand and develop some brand loyalty. Ensuring they keep coming back to you for more. This can really make or break brands. If you sell a product which is very similar to what others can offer, then you need to provide a brand or shopping experience which actually adds to the product itself. Making the product unique via an experience is something, when done right, no other brand can match. Driving your market share from divided to majority.

Brand Identity

While personalising your message depending on your consumer, it’s still important to keep brand identity. A brand ethos  makes your company look and feel bigger, makes it easier to build loyalty and trust and paints a picture of stability.

Most large brands do this well, and they should, most spend millions and millions per year.


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